Auf der Strasse in Regensburger Str. in der Nähe von Spichernstraße
Lösung gefunden: Ich habe versucht mit Ihnen zu reden, aber eher hat nicht gut geklappt. Sie sind weg gelaufen.

I was mocked by children in the street “Ching Chong Chang Ching Chong Chang,” as I walked by. Then the children made “Asian” gestures with their hands at me. I confronted them, asking them why they had to be racist and hurtful and they laughed at me, saying it wasn’t racist because they were playing. Two of the children were young, maybe 7 y.o. but the older one was probably 13-15 y.o. It was extremely disappointing to see how early this kind of behavior starts in childhood. I did speak German to them, I’m conversationally fluent - but it’s much easier for me to express myself in writing in English.